Vintage Threads Turban Headband

I find myself knitting away whilst watching yet another episode of Project Runway; glancing up from my work every now and then to peek at the designs that they are struggling with in the current challenge. “Oh gosh, not sure what Ashley was going for with that awful purple peplum… yikes.”

I have learned from this show that “one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out”, but there are a few designs that end up being able to stand the test of time.

I’m not sure that the hair turban from the 60’s will ever totally come back in style, that is, unless another fashion icon like Elizabeth Taylor decides to give it a go and create a following, but I do know that there was an element of sophistication that captured the attention of the media with that outlandish look, and that knot-in-the-front design has been carried over to other headwear designs ever since.

And so, here I am, with my own version of that mod turban. Twisted in the front, with simple stitching throughout. A (hopefully) timeless revision of the vintage fashion statement.

I used Cascade 220 worsted weight yarn in light gray for the headband pictured, and I absolutely love how it turned out. If it wasn’t for the 107 degree heat wave outside, I would be wearing this every day already.


Vintage Threads Turban Headband – pattern is available for instant download on and


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